ShopScout and Streetspotr join forces!

In the future, ShopScout (POSpulse GmbH) and Streetspotr GmbH will work under one roof. The merger creates a new number one in the German-speaking market for crowd-based market research.

This means that you get access to many more tasks, that will be much closer together, so that you can do just one task after the other with no need to stop! At the same time the Streetspotr app offers many cool features, that will make executing tasks a breeze! Did you miss a message? Check out the message center! Do you have questions regarding a new order? Check the Streetnews for quick and easy feedback from other users! Not sure how to get to a location? Use the in app navigation to find your way! But the most exciting addition might be the internal ranking, that shows you, how you compete against other users in your area!

We are very grateful for all the great work you have done with the ShopScout app during the last years. To show our appreciation, every Scout who creates a new account at Streetspotr will receive 25 Streetpoints for every task he did between August 28th 2017 and November 2018 in the ShopScout app. The 250 most active Scouts will be granted one month of Pro-Status within the Streetspotr app.

For more information regarding Streetpoints and Pro-Status please visit the Streetspotr FAQ page, which you can find here.

In the upcoming weeks we will rework the ShopScout app and remove most of its features. After the update you can only use the ShopScout app to pay out your balance and to contact our customer support. To make sure you can withdraw your total balance, we will remove the current payout limit.

Until you have installed the update you can execute all tasks, that are offered in the ShopScout app. We will continue to review all tasks as normal and pay you your reward.

All changes at a glance:

  • After the next update to the ShopScout app no tasks can be executed
  • We will remove the payout limit. We will pay out your total balance.
  • For every task that was executed in the mentioned time frame, we will award 25 Streetpoints to Scouts, who creates a new account in the Streetspotr app.
  • The 250 Scouts who completed the most tasks, will receive the Streetspotr Pro-Status for one month, if a new account is created.

We hope you enjoy the Streetspotr app!
Your ShopScout team