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Data protection statement

We are pleased you are using the ShopScout app and thank you for your interest! This data protection statement is designed to inform you of the scope and purposes for which we collect, process and use personal data in the ShopScout app. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Your personal data (for example, your name, address, e-mail address) will be processed by us only in accordance with the provisions of German data protection legislation and only collected, used and passed on when this is legally permissible or you consent to this.

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

When you use the ShopScout app, we learn your IP address, device identifier (for example, UDID – Unique Device Identifier – or comparable device number) and device information (for example, type of device or iOS version), which are anonymised when they are collected and prior to saving. This information is analysed for statistical purposes and in case there are any technical issues. We do not disclose the identity of individual users for this purpose.

Moreover, we collect personal data from you only to the extent described here and essentially only if you give these details to us or are prompted to do so as part of data collection. This is the case particularly if you contact us, provide personal information or accept jobs. We collect the following personal data in particular:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • E-mail address
  • Login details for customer accounts, i.e. user name and password.
  • PayPal details
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Phone number
  • Occupation
  • Number of children
  • Net income
  • Portal or source from which you found out about us
  • Usage data such as the number of photos taken, jobs accepted and completed.
  • Other data, which you give us, for example, content of e-mails and other documents.

We process and use your personal data in order to provide the functionalities of the ShopScout app and manage your jobs. We use data you provide us in the context of your jobs to meet our contractual obligations to our customers. Details regarding the acceptance and completion of jobs can be found in our General Terms and Conditions [LINK]. We process and use data collected in the context of competitions to organise the relevant competition.

2. Passing on personal data and service providers involved

We only pass on your personal data in the cases described below. Your data is passed on in the following cases:

  • if this is required in the context of providing our services, for example, when sending letters, dispatching goods or collecting direct debits
  • to meet our contractual obligations to our customers, we pass on data provided by you in the context of your jobs to our customers; we do not disclose your identity in the process.
  • if you are a competition winner, we may publish your Facebook profile picture and your name on our Facebook page or on our website
  • if we are obliged to do so in accordance with statutory regulations or court orders
  • with your express consent

We may use service providers as data processors in order to make the ShopScout app available. If this is the case, we ensure that these providers have been selected carefully, are monitored on an ongoing basis and bound under contract in accordance with data protection regulations. If service providers are located in countries outside the EU, we ensure that they comply with appropriate data protection standards when processing your personal data.

3. Registering with a Facebook account

To register as a Scout in the ShopScout app, you can enter your profile data directly or import it from your Facebook profile. If you import your profile data from your Facebook profile, Facebook will know you are using the ShopScout app.

4. Use of your mobile end device functionalities

Depending on the selected functionality, the ShopScout app accesses functions of your mobile end device such as your microphone and voice recognition (to input information), your camera (if your job involves taking photos), your GPS receiver (for collecting geo coordinates to determine distance to jobs).

Functionalities of your mobile end device are essentially only accessed if you allow this by activating voice recognition, for instance to make an entry or determine your location in order to display the distance to a job. You can disable access by the ShopScout app to the different functions of your mobile end device in your device’s settings. You can then no longer use the respective functionalities for the ShopScout app. You may be asked when using the app if you want to allow access again.

5. Push notifications

You can activate push notifications. We will then send you push notifications relating to relevant subjects, for example current jobs. You can disable push notifications in your device’s settings.

6. Newsletter

We will only send you our newsletter if we are legally permitted to do so or if you subscribe. We use the double opt-in method for subscription purposes, i.e. we will send you an e-mail after you have registered and given your e-mail address that contains a confirmation link. The e-mail will ask for confirmation that you want us to send our newsletter. You will only receive our newsletter if you click this link. You can unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time or object in the event of legal permission. You can notify us by clicking the link provided for this purpose in any e-mail we send you.

7. Sharing content and inviting friends

The ShopScout app offers the option to share content with third parties or invite friends to use the ShopScout app. You can connect to services from third party providers such as Facebook for this purpose. These service providers are responsible for compliance with data protection legislation when collecting and processing your personal data. See the data protection statements of these service providers for information about the collection and processing of your personal data in this context or contact them directly.

8. Cookies and analysis of user behaviour

Cookies are text files, which are stored on your computer and enable analysis of your use of the website. For the ShopScout app, we use the app analytics services, Crashlytics, Answers and Apptimize, which also use cookies.

Crashlytics is a crash reporting solution from the provider Crashlytics Inc. (Crashlytics Inc. c/o Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, US). Crashlytics collects information for troubleshooting purposes if the ShopScout app crashes. Pseudonymous user data is included in this information. Crashlytics Inc. and parent company Twitter Inc. have undertaken to process such data only in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield principles regarding data protection. Data collected by Crashlytics is not passed on to Twitter Inc. You can refuse to allow data collection and storage for the app crash-reporting service at any time by disabling the sending of crash information in the app settings. More information can be found in the data protection statement of Crashlytics, Inc. for the Crashlytics service (

Answers is an app analysis service from provider Crashlytics, Inc. (see above) Usage data is collected in pseudonymous profiles and processed for app analysis purposes. Data collected by Crashlytics is not passed on to Twitter Inc. IP addresses are not recorded in the process and no data is passed on to Twitter Inc. More information can be found in the data protection statement of Crashlytics, Inc. for the Answers service (

Apptimize is an app analysis service from provider Apptimize, Inc. (Apptimize Inc., 111 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025, US). This service enables us to optimise the user interface using what is known as A/B testing. Users are divided into two or more groups and different versions are shown to each group (for example, different coloured buttons). Analysing different user behaviour helps us improve the design. The data collected by Apptimize is anonymised immediately and not linked to personal data. More information about Apptimize can be found in the data protection statement of Apptimize, Inc. (

9. Data security

We take appropriate technical and organisational steps to ensure that data entrusted to us is protected from unauthorised access, unauthorised modification, publication and destruction. Only employees and sub-contractors for whom access to personal data is absolutely necessary for service performance have access to such data. Persons authorised to access personal data are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

10. Deletion

We delete your personal data as soon as it is no longer required for the purposes for which it has been collected and processed and there are no statutory obligations to retain this data. If there are legal or actual obstacles preventing deletion (for example, statutory retention periods), then data is blocked rather than deleted.

11. Rights of data subjects, withdrawal of consent and data protection questions

You are entitled to information free of charge about stored data and, where appropriate, to correct, block or delete such data. If you have given consent under data protection legislation, you can withdraw this at any time with future effect. To do this, or if you have any questions regarding data protection, please contact:


12. Data protection commissioner

Anne Merten
F1 Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologien und Managementberatung mbH
Mädewalder Weg 2
12621 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 56 58 626 84
E-Mail: Datenschutz[at]

13. Identity of data controller

POSpulse GmbH
Sonnenallee 223
12059 Berlin, Germany


14. Change to data protection statement

New legal requirements, corporate decisions or technical development of the ShopScout app may require changes to this data protection statement. The latest version can always be found in the ShopScout app under the menu item Data protection.

Version: May 2018